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Founded in 1991, the distribution company Db-Line has been among the pioneers in the videogames industry in Italy. The path of growth undertaken and always in constant evolution - which began with the mail-order activity of hardware and software for videogames and Commodore Amiga computers - has led Db-Line to become and consolidate itself as a privileged point of reference for all operators in the sector.

Official and exclusive distributions

The distribution of videogame products (Pc, consoles, accessories) from the very beginning has become one of the pillars of the business, with the aim of ensuring a widespread, flexible and reliable service, activating tactical and strategic levers. With this in mind, alongside the commercial and telesales activities, in 1996 the website www.dbline.it was born, which was progressively implemented with the portal www.shop.it, thanks to which each retailer can access the vast catalog consisting of more than 20,000 products and place his or her own purchase order. The relationship established and become more and more intense with the main vendors and publishers of the videogame world has allowed Db-Line to acquire official and exclusive distributions for the Italian market, linked to the main brands: from Microsoft to Nintendo, from Sony PlayStation to Electronic Arts, from Ubisoft to Warner Bros.

The GamePeople chain

In its vision of expanding its business, Db-Line also gave new impetus to the development of its business on the retail side. In 2009, it founded the chain specializing in independent GamePeople, currently composed of more than 80 stores located throughout the country, to which it has added an e-commerce platform for end users: www.gamepeople.it. Not only that. Db-Line, in line with the new emerging dynamics of the Toys market, has structured itself to offer innovative services such as Category Management, the Netshop Connection platform and EDI Systems.

The offering in the Toys world

A further turning point for the distribution company coincided with the decision to expand its offerings in the Toys sphere as well. After the initial partnership signed with Hasbro, Db-Line expanded distribution to Lego, Playmobil, Emtec and Go Clever products. In the face of the participation, also direct, to the main events in the sector, - Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg, Toys Milano, Milan Games Week & Cartoomics - Db-Line has strengthened its catalog with the aim of proposing and ensuring to its customers and retail partners an up-to-date and quality offer. The portfolio of brands in distribution now includes Ravensburger, Simba Toys, Mattel Spin Master, Ravensburger, Asmodee, Giochi Uniti and many others. As well as Trading Cards games from the most popular licenses-Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Panini, Magic The Gathering-have also found their way into the catalog.

The importance of accessories

In addition to the commercialization of digital content for major web platforms, another of the segments on which Db-Line's business has also focused has been gaming accessories. The recent acquisitions in exclusive distribution of Trade Invaders (with controllers under the Freak & Geeks brand, to which are added headsets, bags and charging and protection systems), Subsonic for steering wheels and GameSeat for gaming racing stations allow the company to present a complete package of accessories characterized by maximum reliability and a convenient quality/price ratio. In the area of peripherals, Db-Line also has other brands such as White Shark, Buddy Phones and Audeze in the gaming audio arena.

Merchandise and collectibles in the sign of “Kidult Project”

In 2022, Db-Line enriched its offerings by focusing on merchandise and collectibles. With the launch of the “Kidult Projct” initiative, aimed at the "adultescent" target, the company offers products and display solutions, thanks to a wide range of brands in official and exclusive distribution. The grid of references ranges from the iconic Funko POP! to Paladone lamps, from Infinite and Disney Showcase figurines to BanPresto miniatures, from Difuzed branded apparel (T-Shirts, caps, sweatshirts) to Pyramid key chains. A rich array of products related to the main licenses (starting with Harry Potter and Marvel DC) license that are increasingly confirmed to intercept the attention of a vast and heterogeneous audience.

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