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Today we are a distribution company with a turnover of 50 million euros that serves 1678 points of sale throughout Italy. Our headquarters and the "robotized" warehouse (2000 mq) are located in Biandronno, in the Varese province, where about 40 people work. We manage a product catalog containing more than 20.819 references. Our sales structure counts on use of the telesales representatives who, in addition to following sales, provide real time assistance and support to customers; we also provide the Shop.dbLine.it a B2B site where the technical sheet for each product, price lists, offers and promotions in progress, orders and shipments may be viewed. The National Key Accounts, competent and professional managers who follow the customer directly at all stages of the sale, close the loop.

"Over the years we have acquired skills meeting the needs of customers with solutions that adapt to the needs of a continuously growing demand in an increasingly competitive market. Thanks to our experience and result-oriented organization, we offer "tailor-made" solutions: we are able to provide various services / products that adapt to any specific need, "comments Marco Salmini, founder and CEO of the company. SERVICES TO CUSTOMERS: In 2010 we also launched the GamePeople project, an "independent" franchise for video game stores: to date we have 70 affiliated points of sale throughout Italy. The other services we offer are: Category Management, definition of products and business areas, advanced logistics, cross docking, digital delivery, Netshop and Edi systems. SERVICES TO SUPPLIERS / VENDOR: we know how to be an efficient partner also for suppliers who decide to rely on our structure thanks to advanced logistics services, cross docking and drop shipping. Transparency is one of the characteristics that distinguishes us: thanks to an extranet system we allow suppliers to view all the information (stock, sell out, etc.) related to their products in real time. We are also able to support the partner in marketing strategies for the launch and placement of new products.

Even though videogames remain our core business, as a result of changes in the market, we have been able to adapt and, indeed, anticipate the needs of customers and suppliers. We have added new product categories such as toys, collectible cards, board games, action figures, home videos, t-shirts and gadgets, audio / video products and finally digital delivery products. Since 2011 we have become distributors of the main Italian and multinational players in the toy world, and we distribute the entire panorama of board games brands. Being able to offer many of the main brand products throughout the year, even in the most critical periods, makes us a valid and absolutely competitive partner for all types of customers.

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